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About Us

We love because he first loved us. (1 John 4:19)

Before 2010, we never believed "Jesus Loves People", we did not agree that there's a God to create the world, and we never imagined that we would establish any relationship with "Jesus" in our live. In 2010 May, with the grace from God, we knew HIM under an unexpected circumstance. Since then, our live totally changed.

With infinite grace, mercy & love from God, we start to learn how to love, care and forgive those you know and even those you don't know from the bottom of our hearts by relying on our God. When you know how to forgive people, care others with thanksgiving hearts, and treasure what God has done on us. We are full of joy and peace that we have never experienced before.

God never breaks his promises forever to ever, to reply HIS love, we declare to preach the gospel throughout our life, we pray and wait for God's guidance.

God is the one listens to our prayer, what HE has prepared for us are much more than what we expect. Ocean Gospel Private Kitchen has been established under God's guidance. Our name Ocean means "God's love and mercy are infinite, even deeper than the Ocean". We did encounter lots of challenges and difficulties when we were building up Ocean. However, we knew God's grace is sufficient, we kept praying to see what God wanted us to do. With the continuous guidance from God and the assistance from lots of angels, Ocean Gospel Private Kitchen has been rapidly and successfully setup within one month.

Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.
(Matthew 4:4)

We sincerely hope that every guest would enjoy our food. Apart from this, what we really hope is that all the guests can obtain the joy and peace solely from Jesus. May mercy and peace be with you on and on; grace and joy be surrounding you as always!